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The Ed TV Show is about a famous lawyer in New York City who thanks to a misplaced comma ended up losing a contract of 1.6 million dollar for his law firm, in consequence of this he was fired. He decided to live his life on a town named "Stuckeyville" after going home just and find his wife cheating on him. That's when the show begins, telling the stories of his life and all the funny situations that surrounded this character after buying a bowling alley and starting a whole new law firm on his own.

The show is divided in 4 seasons, starting on October 2000 and airing their last episode on February 2004 and is reflected as follows in the ed episode guide:

The first season of the show in the episode guide goes from 2000 to 2001 and consists of 22 episodes. This season is the open season so it begins introducing the characters and telling the romance-comedy story of Ed and the girl he has a crush on, "Carol".

The second season on the episode guide goes from 2001 to 2002 and it continues to explain all the funny situations surrounding Ed's life and the season ends leaving an air of mystery as Ed discovers that Carol and Dennis plan on going on a cross country trip together, Ed realize then that he has his final chance to getting her over.

The Third season on this episode guide goes from 2002 to 2003 and it continue developing the complicated rush of feelings between Ed and Carol as it introduces as the same time the new relationship between Ed and Frankie. At the same time the lead actor Tom Cavanagh is rolling this season he is having his first guest, acting as Dr. Dorian's old brother on TV show Scrubs, a comedy story of an intern who starts his internship on Hospital Sacred Heart, leading him to a lot of different situations, using black comedy, showing mundane situations as using Viagra or making fun of the patient's disabilities.

The fourth and final season on the episode guide goes from 2003 and ends on February 6, 2004 and leads the love story between Ed and Carol to an end, but everything is not that easy to get to the final wedding as Ed struggles among the whole season to maintain the relationship with Carol, even making him to get a consult from a doctor as per Mike's advise, and having to check some reviews to calm his anxiety and propose to Carol. The final episode of the show ends with the well-expected wedding between Ed and Carol.

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